Sanitising Lemon Cologne 5000ml. 80% alcohol Dental

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Features & details

  • Keep fresh on the go
  • Traditional Turkish Cologne
  • Sweet Smelling lemon fragrance
  • Contains 80% Alcohol (Non-drinkable)
  • Become relieved with its swift and effective ‘pick me up’ scent


Due to its refreshing property, probably due to its 80% alcohol content, Kolonya is offered to guests and used as a fragrance. However, the mixture is also used to treat dizziness, fainting, and headaches, as well as to clean or disinfect due to its anti-bacterial. On the more traditional end, Kolonya (usually lemon) is offered during guest visits, on bus trips, and in restaurants, as well as during family gatherings. The offering of Kolonya is always meant to refresh the guest and help get rid of bacteria acquired during their trip.

5000ml, 250ml, 400ml, 1 litre


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